breath [breth]
[ME breth < OE bræth, odor, exhalation < IE base * bher-, well up > FERMENT, BARM, BROOD]
1. air taken into the lungs and then let out
2. the act of breathing; respiration
3. the power to breathe easily and naturally [to get one's breath back]
4. life or spirit
5. air or vapor given off from anything
6. air carrying fragrance or odor
7. a puff or whiff, as of air; slight breeze
8. moisture produced by a condensing of the breath, as in cold air
9. an utterance, esp. in a low voice; whisper or murmur
10. the time taken by a single respiration; a moment
11. a slight pause or rest
12. a faint hint or indication
13. Phonet. a voiceless exhalation of the airstream with relative stillness at the vocal cords, as in pronouncing (s) or (p)
catch one's breath
1. to gasp
2. to return to normal breathing after exertion
3. Informal to rest or pause
in the same breath
almost simultaneously
out of breath
breathless, as from exertion
save one's breath
Informal to refrain from talking when talk would be useless
take someone's breath away
strike someone with awe; thrill
under one's breath or below one's breath
in a whisper or murmur

English World dictionary. . 2014.